2017–18 art

Reflected upon on 13 Jun, 2023

A body of 9 artworks, completed over the course of two years for the International Baccalaureate Higher Level Visual Arts program.

More than anything, it was an excuse for me to, as best I could, experiment with new mediums. Thermal paper, soap, and found objects coloured this period of my life, alongside many late nights ideating, researching, and making.

I don’t create as much art nowadays, but I follow essentially the same practice when coding.

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I can’t say I remember exactly what I was trying to achieve with this body of work. And honestly, reading the old curatorial rationale now, I’m not sure I knew back then either. But I feel the last line from the rationale sums up the exhibition well enough:

…rather, the emphasis is on how anyone is able to use, transform and manipulate any given [medium, style, subject matter, etc.] to grant old narratives new meaning. The exhibition therefore implores the audience to similarly find and reinvigorate their own sense of curiosity within their own lives, which I find important in our increasingly hustle-and-bustle society.