Mar 2022 art design

Originally published on 28 April, 2022

The 2022 Famicase exhibition just went live.

I’ve always wanted to participate after seeing my favourite graphic designers’ works on there. But honestly I’d forgotten all about it until I saw a tweet saying that submissions opened up on March 1st. I heard that slots fill up quickly, so I spent the afternoon rehashing some old concepts/work to put together an entry.

On hindsight, I would have spent the time developing an entirely new idea, but I didn’t want to miss out on the submission. It didn’t fill up until after a few weeks, so I definitely could have done so. Well, I did have my mid-term exams then, so…

Anyway, here is my entry:


By way of a dream I had.

It’s nice to be able to share a space with some of the designers I look up to.

In the process of creating the artwork, I envisioned the game to be a visual novel, of course revolving around conversations with friends and strangers, with gauges for emotions like regret, disappointment, tactfulness, among others. It is about voicing your own opinions in the face of scrutiny.

I think it would make for a nice exercise in writing as well.

Do check out the other amazing entries here. My entry is no. 127.

image image image

Photos by @morita_tsuyoshi and @meteor_club.

Addendum added on 10 June, 2023

Unfortunately, I missed out on this year’s Famicase exhibition – slots filled up way quicker than last year’s. But I’ll be sure to submit something next year, and I’ll update this page when I do!

Also, if you’re curious, here’s what I submitted alongside last year’s design:

1.お名前(本名 または SNSアカウント名、匿名不可) <your name or SNS name>
(Sample: 目手尾 太郎 or Taro Meteor)
:Hu Yihui

2.職業 <your job>
(Sample: Designer)
:Designer / College Student

3.タイトル <title of your game>
*Don't use the both languages(Japanese title or English title)
(Sample: メテオの伝説 or Legend of the METEOR)
:The Death of an Opinion.

4.カセットカラー <cassette color you want>:
(Sample: 黄色/Yellow or like a Super Mario color)
 No.1: Beige
 No.2: White/Yellow
 No.3: Any other neutral colour

5.カセットの状態 <cassette condition you want>
 Textured cassettes. 

6.解説250文字 <story of your game(250 letters)>:
*Don't use the both languages(Japanese texts or English texts)

** Instruction: Please have the description separated in lines as shown below. Thank you. **

I was not awake, of course, neither aware nor conscious. 
The self in my dream—that could not be me. 
I did not crumple. 
The death of an opinion, 

7.Twitter & Instagramアカウント <your twitter account>:
(Sample: @meteor_club)
※ 運用実績のない新規のアカウントは登録いたしません

8.出身国 <your country>
(Sample: 日本/Japan)

データは以下にお送りください。<send to>

応募期間 <deadline/up to 250 entries>
2022.3.1(0:00|JST) - 3.31(23:59|JST)

※ 250本のエントリーがあった日で受付は終了となります。昨年は3日で締め切りとなりました。
※ We'll accept up to 250 entries. The deadline was 3 days last year.

※ オフィシャルツイッターでエントリー数に残りがあるかご確認ください。
※ Please check the number of remaining on official twitter.

※ エントリー完了後のデータ変更は受け付けておりません。
※ We'll not accept any changes to the data after consent has been given.